SIRIO is the innovative navigation system purposely designed to provide interventional physicians with real-time visual support. It ensures ease of use, procedure efficacy and patient safety at the same time.

Resulting from close collaboration with doctors from several Italian centers of excellence, SIRIO offers fundamental help when performing percutaneous interventional procedures such as biopsy and thermal ablation to reach even deep or subcentimetric target lesions.

The system is able to reconstruct three-dimensional models of the patient's anatomical structures by using previously acquired tomographic images. Hence the interventional physician can quickly and accurately identify the optimal insertion trajectory of the needle and track its progression in real time.

In comparison with traditional techniques, the use of SIRIO allows to operate faster, with greater efficacy and with a drastic reduction of the number of tomographic scans needed.

This device was firstly developed for lungs, but it is currently employed on other anatomical districts as well, such as kidneys and bones.